Saturday, May 14, 2016

7 February 2016 Revisiting Medical Lake

I arrived on Sunday for a week in Spokane. I had the afternoon to hike a bit and chase for a few caches on the Spokane GeoTour. I decided to spend the afternoon in the area near Medical Lake. I first visited this area in the previous October and knew there were more places to visit which seemed to offer good walking options.

Every visit to Spokane offers the chance of opportunities for interesting old car viewing. This rare Studebaker Conestoga near the parking area for my first walk was a new sight for me.

The time on the trail was good too.

There was still sparse sections of snow on the trail at higher elevations and in shadier areas.

This Chevette, near the deepest part of the out-and-back walk, faired less better in life the the Conestoga seen on the way in.

The rental waits as I return from a find across the road from Medical Lake.

It was an early, but pleasant, sunset.

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