Sunday, November 20, 2016

12 June 2016 Two Car Shows

While we were out for an afternoon of caching, we came upon a car show at Mapleside Farms. Mapleside is entertainment location which used to be a local farm. The last time I visited here, they had a restaurant and a farm market. The location has expanded to host concerts, hay rides, a corn maze, craft festivals and car shows. The place has lost its quaint personality and seems over done but I had fun walking around the cars on display.

We've only been to the large car show near our home once. Most years, we are traveling elsewhere or busy with yard work. I expected we had missed this year's annual show the evening before, but the thunderstorms that rained out the end of our caching the evening before had also rained out the cruise night. Rather than cancel, the organizers moved the show back a day so I could enjoy two shows for the day.

We actually did find some caches while in Medina, but I was happy to visit the two car shows.

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