Thursday, November 24, 2016

20 June 2016 Keystone Lake

The longer days gave me an opportunity to visit Keystone Lake and search for a February 2001 geocache hide. Keystone Lake is a US Army Corps project outside Tulsa. Besides a large section of Army Corps recreational area, the lake is also the site of Keystone Lake State Park. This seems a bit confusing to a person who lives part time in Pennsylvania (the Keystone State) but the area made for a great place to spend an evening walking. The water views our attractive and the shoreline includes areas with sandy beaches. They are nice areas and scenic, but ATV's appear to be legal just about anywhere. Two popped up while I was near one of the sandy shore areas searching for a cache.

I hoped to be able to identify this dragonfly (or damselfy) from these images, but I seem to be lacking the skill to even say if this is a dragonfly or a damselfly. Either way, it was quite calm as I stopped for pictures.

I've seen the names of geocachers we know at different caches around the country. They are usually spotted as we look back through previous pages. In this case, Ohio cacher, Cherry Cacher was the last person to visit the 2001 cache just two days before my visit and another familiar Ohio cacher, AHolleys was at the cache twelve days before my visit.

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