Friday, November 25, 2016

27 June 2016 Paulding, Ohio

I was back from Tulsa and on my way to Columbia City for business. I took a different path to avoid the never ending highway construction near Toledo. I ended up passing through Paulding and stopped at the town's reservoir to the south. There were a number of caches and the opportunity to break up the drive with a long walk.

I never really noticed trumpet creeper before, but it seemed to be quite common on this trip. It appears to be able to entice hummingbirds to visit with its long tube, but I had no luck spotting them this evening. I like its other name, Devil's Shoestring, much better.

I took a gamble I could find a stage of a lonely multi which started near this quiet pond. There were no frogs to be seen and no cache stages were found.

I was able to find some lightly found caches in the woods behind the ball fields near the reservoir. I was the second find of the year on one of the hides and the third find of 2016 on another. The woods had raspberries ripening so I was rewarded for my efforts.

I was the first find in over six months for a cache on an abandoned railroad bridge at the edge of the park. There were mosquitoes on the trail and spiders near the hide location, but it was a fun hide and the best of this drive.

Yes, the cache is down there. I was glad I made the find quickly and didn't find too many spiders before I found the container.

This is my view before going down into the sub-surface structure.

After the bridge find, I made may way around the reservoir. There were two or three caches hidden in the rocks along the edge, but they were missing, or I was missing them. There's not much to see here other than flat and farms.

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