Wednesday, January 11, 2017

21 August 2016 Taking a Break

We've been planning for some time to have the exterior of our 1850's home restored. Last year Ali had contractors correct a build issue with a section of the foundation. This year was the big, long haul with windows, doors, siding, rebuilt porches, and a rebuilt, corrected addition. My activity has been limited to some yard work and landscaping to assist the crews and keeping out of way, but Ali's been dealing with three to four groups on site at a time working basically 360 degrees around the house. It's life in a fishbowl. Today was a day to take a break. After a pleasant walk at a Lake Metropark to find a new cache, we headed to Holden for more walking in the gardens.

Oh No! They have sacrificed a geocache container to build a bat box! ;)

It looks like the base of a 50 cal.

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