Friday, January 13, 2017

22 August 2016 Sunny Lake

While Ali does all the hard work of organizing and managing the work at our home, my only real task is to get out to the office and stay there until the work is done. Not getting out before the workers arrives means they need to stop what they are doing and let me out of the drive. I haven't been so successful at that, but this morning I was. My reward was arriving at Sunny Lake on my commute just as the sun was rising over the tree line and mist was still on the water.

I was also treated to a red-tail hawk perched on a light post looking for an early morning meal.

At lunch I decided to head back to Sunny Lake and walk the two-mile loop trail. I'm used to spotting a heron here, but was not expecting to see a solitary sandpiper along the shore. Considering it is still summer this is a rarer sighting in Ohio.


The last half of my walk yielded a bluebird in a dead tree and a song sparrow in a pine at the edge of the woods.

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