Monday, January 02, 2017

31 July 2016 Chasing Rainbows

All vacations end sometime. This one was over today. We made our first stop where we started with a re-visit to Bigelow Cemetery. We were hoping to see the prairie dock in bloom and spot a few hummingbirds. As expected the wildflowers were past their peak. There wasn't going to be much of a season for prairie doc, but we were able to spot a hummingbird in a rare resting moment in a tree.

Royal catchfly with fading blooms

Before we hit the highway to drive home, we made a stop at a place called the 4C Bicentennial Trail in Wilmington Ohio to hunt a series of caches. It was a pleasant trail with an arboretum off the trail and a section of prairie wildflowers in another.

The ends of the trail both included playgrounds. The toy below looked a lot of fun. It looked like as many as six kids could play with the unit pivoting off the center. I am probably a bit too large to enjoy this, but it still looked like great fun.

When you are riding in a vehicle at highway speeds, it is really difficult to photograph a rainbow. This one was a long archiving one covering a lot of the horizon. All vacations end and chasing rainbows won't prolong the end.

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