Sunday, January 01, 2017

30 July 2016 Hopewell Culture National Historic Park

We hadn't visited Mound City and Seip Earthworks in almost thirty years. We were on our way home and made these two re-visits a part of our journey. I don't remember much change from the prior visit at Mound City, but Seip has been upgraded substantially. We remembered driving on a small gravel road to a parking area with a few spaces. The mound stood alone. Now the area has a larger parking area near the road and a marked trail through the grass. The culture and society of the early residents of the area is enlightening. I was happy we were able to re-visit.

Mound City

Seip Earthworks

We spent most of the remainder of our day exploring Paint Creek at the Army Corps Recreation area and the state park. We both enjoyed the Army Corps trails more than the state park.

Green herons are usually skittish when humans are present. This one seemed completely unbothered by our presence.

The delaware skipper has an interesting wing configuration for a butterfly.

An older structure appeared to have been recently razed with a pile of rubble left behind along the trail. Some of the boards appeared to be rough cut and quite old. A stop by the debris revealed a number of very old square headed nails in the older wood.

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