Tuesday, July 17, 2007

13 July 2007 Caching Niagara and Going Home

Today was a clean-up day. I had searched for the multi that led to Nature's Bonus and for Nature View At Night before meeting Gryff. Once we started caching together, we made multiple trips to the mosquito-infested place known as Nature View Park. We were last here at night during 13-degree weather in March. We were able to reach the end point of Nature View at Night only to be foiled in our search for the cache. As I used a stick to log our dnf and a frownie face in the snow, we vowed to return. On the way from our Nature View dnf, we made our third futile attempt at finding Nature's Bonus. Today that all changed. I found Nature's Bonus almost instantly. Jill did all the work needed to make Nature View at Night a smiley.

With those in hand and the rain momentarily stopped, we decided today was the day for the SMFR cache. It took me four tries to find stage 1. I had already looked for stage 2 once with no success. We figured the rain would keep the muggles away and it did. It didn't really matter since we still had no luck with stage 2. After some silliness on the swings, it was time to do what I seem to be doing more these days. We grabbed our geo-senses skipped stage 2 and found the final in the rain that kept returning all day.

When the rain let up again we decided to make a return to Nature View. There are still about six caches left in this place and hiking here at day is a lot less dangerous for your body than at night so off we went. Nature View finally gave back on this cache. I would love to show a photo of the yellow warbler, or the flicker, or the grosbeak, or the..., but alas I was too slow and they were too fast.

After one final cache, it was time to head home to PA. The sunset photo is from Route 60 at the edge of Lilydale. I wonder if the psychics know I was there?

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