Monday, July 16, 2007

12 July 2007 Caching Royalton Ravine

It was one day short of one year since our last visit to Royalton Ravine. What better way could there be to celebrate one year of caching, than to visit Western New York's giant hogweed mecca? Royalton Ravine should be a gem. I've never been here in the spring, but there are remains everywhere from spring flowers. There are wild ginger leaves bigger than my hand and jack-in-the-pulpit leaves half-way over my knee. Bloodroot and trillium leaves are everywhere.

So what goes wrong? Hogweed, lots of it. With one year of knowledge, I was able to distinguish cow parsnip from the monster weed. It is scary and educational to see them next to each other along the stream. The lilies were in bloom along the stream bed so we cautiously picked our way over to them for photos. After our visit, a really outstanding ravine cache and an old multi had joined the found list.

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