Thursday, July 19, 2007

14 July 2007 Warren and Corry and Spartansburg oh my.

The Sisters/4 placed a series of caches on their family farm near Corry. We were going to visit the Warren Fairgrounds for the Pleasures and Treasures Arts and Crafts Festival so it made sense to continue west to visit these farm caches. Private property caches are always fun and these were no exception. There were ten caches. We found seven and dnf'd three. Okay, Ali found seven, while I walked with her. I had just gotten to PA the evening before after a trip to Sanborn so I was a bit out of it. At one point she was teasing me and swinging a micro she had found which I had probably walked right past. It's the first picture in the series. We had a great time and spent a lot of time walking around and just enjoying the woods.

After we left the farm we headed to Corry for a cache in Mead Park. It was a well done Schrecky hide. Then we headed for Spartansburg. Spartansburg is a strange place. It has a small reservoir named Clear Lake that is anything but clear or a lake. It is very shallow with a lot of plant growth. One side of the lake plays host to a lumber company and the spillway seems ready to collapse. Throw in a rail trail that allows people to drive their trucks, sport utes, etc and it makes for a different place to visit. All that said; it somehow works. We've never been here at a time when there weren't people fishing. Since the reservoir is so shallow, boat motors are all quiet. As you walk (and cache) the rail-trail there are little side trails that lead to pleasant shoreline areas. There are also birds, lots of them. As we walked to the first cache, a great blue flew directly overhead at a really low elevation It crossed to the other shore and landed. Of course, my camera wasn't ready.

While I began to stalk the great blue for a photo, Ali found the first cache. As I continued to stalk the great blue, a duck and about six ducklings made a landing on the water and began to swim around. Ali decided she would go find the second cache. I had just finished a fruitless search for the perfect photo of a great blue when Ali returned to tell me that she had found a green heron (and the second cache). She led me to an area behind the spillway. Sure enough, there it was. I grabbed a far shot from where I was and debated my survival chances if I walked across the spillway. Alas, survival instinct took over and the only memory of that outstanding green heron is the second rate image on this page. Oh well, another time.

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