Sunday, July 01, 2007

29 June 2007 Waterfalls Around Delaware Water Gap

Resica Falls

George W. Childs Recreation Site

Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC)

There are many, very popular, must-visit type falls in the area. These are some lesser known magnificent falls. Resica Falls is located at a Boy Scout Camp. The camp allows visitors access only to view the falls. There are three falls at the Child's Recreation Area. They are well known and popular, but are overshadowed by the reputation of places such as Dingman's Falls and Bushkill. If you are willing to get wet at Child's, you can wade out and stand under the lowest falls. The PEEC Falls (Pocono Environmental Education Camp) are rarely visited. They are little known and are a challenging 3 mile hike for a visit. I have yet to brave the climb down to the lower falls. Maybe next time...

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