Wednesday, July 04, 2007

30 June 2007 Leaving Delaware Water Gap...

This was our return day from vacation. We had plans to make a five county run on the way back to Warren County. We also agreed we would leave no 'wimpy ones' on the county map when we were done. We would get at least two per county or bust.

The day started great. We had a quiet place to stay, a nice walk around Millford with bagels for breakfast and a couple of benchmarks. We grabbed a micro near the restaurant where we had dinner the evening before and started out of town.

We are always searching for high-terrain, multi, or puzzle caches, so it seemed impossible for us to resist the lure of a 3 terrain multi in a cemetary on our way out of town. Besides we needed a second cache in Pike. We dnf'd the first stage of the multi, but we weren't alone. We soon realized from past logs that many people had dnf'd stages of this multi, but had somehow found the cache. Hmmmmm..... everyone keeps mentioning a great view at the final. We looked quickly at a few places and decided they couldn't be the view other finders were gushing over. Sadly, we started to drive out of the cemetary with an eye out for a really true elevation change. Near the back of our return loop we spied a gate with a foot path that seemed to go nowhere but up. BINGO. Other than a split in the trail where we luckily made the right choice the rest of the find was easy. The trail was an elevation monster easily earning its three rating and then some. This area at the back of the cemetary put many parks we have visited to shame with wonderful woods and one super challenge for a trail. The view deserved all its amazing comments in prior logs. If the multi had been constructed better, this cache would have easily made our favorites list. Ali spotted the cache and YES no more wimpy one in Pike County!

On the way out of town we got greedy and decided to go for three finds in Pike County. We end up logging our first dnf for a virtual. It was rated a 1/1 at a beautiful historic house on Deleware Water Gap lands. It couldn't have been possible. We couldn't find the stone with the date the house was built. We went round and round. We looked at other cacher's logs. Others said this was really tricky. They also said the date on the barn that was 1/4 mile away was even harder to find. We finally gave up. We would really love to see teh log from Larry of 3Beans log after he brought Matt in his wheelchair to this 1/1 cache with a hike of almost 1 1/2 miles on an unpaved trail. At least we got to see the house and an unbelievable field of foxglove. There was foxglove everywhere, but the two fields were awesome.

One county down... four more to go...

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