Friday, October 19, 2007

2 October 2007 Caching with Goat Haunt and kcepenn

This was the big day. We were going to find our 1000th cache in Pennsylvania. We did it!!!!!!!!!!!! We were a little short of 999 when we started the day and Goat Haunt wanted to find enough AGT caches for his Warren coin so we started the day by hunting a few caches north of our house. After that we met up with Wes of kcepenn and were off for McKean.

We hunted a few AGT caches by Pegasis and Wolfmaster before we made our way to the grand finale, a 5/5 cache. Ali had made a big effort to prepare for this. We had two types of rope and flashlights and cell phones and... The cache wasn't as tough as we expected, but still a nice challenge. Some nice footwork got us in and out of the cache site without the ropes. We look whipped in the photos, but we were clowning. Afterward we finished off with a couple more AGT caches. Thanks to Wes of kcepenn for the photo of us with Goat Haunt at am AGT cache.

The biggest excitement of the day came on cache #1,000. As we were making our way to the final, Wes spotted a bear print in the fresh mud from the day's rain. Most of the way to the cache, I was looking around to see if that bear was nearby. :-)

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