Saturday, October 27, 2007

14 October 2007 Apple Butter Festival and East Branch

We hadn't been to the Apple Butter Festival in Burton's Century Village in years. The last visit we had was with my parents. Since we were in town for the weekend and the weather was great, I suggested we make a stop and spend the afternoon. There was a big kite flying demonstration on the hill looking east from Century Village. We walked the grounds, ate some food, and bought a few things. More importantly, we had fun.

After the Festival, we headed over to Headwaters Park to find the Geauga Park District's newest cache. We met some cachers at the final and had a great walk. We finished up by a return trip along the Buckeye Trail and near the water of East Branch or Crystal Lake. There aren't many boaters at East Branch anymore. Years ago this was quite a fishing hot spot. It was the place for the maiden voyage of Gangbusters. The year I bought her, my brother, brother-in-law, and I were too excited to wait for good weather so we went fishing on East Branch the first week of March. We froze. I think we caught one or two bass by the northern end. Geauga Park manages the land and reservoir now and frowns on things like people using the lake.

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