Tuesday, October 30, 2007

24 October 2007 Charleston

Calling this a wet trip would be true understatement. It was either raining or grey for all but a tiny bit of the week. We had a break on Wednesday so I decided to try finding a few South Carolina geocaches. A couple of nice Sissy-n-CR in a local park saved the day. I had just finished with signing the log and returning a multi to its hiding spot when the skies broke loose. I hung out under a tree and was only completely soaked when the rain decreased enough to make a run for it. In between the downpours, I hunted a nice virtual in a Charleston cemetery and finally gave up near the waterfront. We were all meeting for dinner and I did not want to look any more bedraggled.

The statues are from the park where I found the two caches. That is a real turtle at the base of the statue. The other shots are from the waterfront.

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