Friday, October 05, 2007

28 September 2007 Stiglmeier Park

September has been a rough month in so many ways. My health has been terrible this month. Worse than it has been in years. I also knew this week that my work would change soon after a reorganization (providing there was still work). Tossed into that was the upcoming change in Gryff's work schedule. A new job for her is a great thing. For me, I've been spoiled with over a year of caching with a great friend who just happened to have two week days off each week. The new work will end that. So this afternoon's visit to Losson... er Stiglmeier... er the park with way too many caches was tough. It was a great afternoon. We visited most of the park. We found a lot of caches. We also knew that caching would be sparse for the next three months. At one point Gryff chided me for not being excited about a really cool cache container we found (one of three today... the Losson hiders are dedicated to having fun). Even so, it was fun. The deer were great although I'm still not sure about the one that kept approaching me on the boardwalk... Wake me up when September ends.... Nah, make that December.

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