Thursday, October 25, 2007

6 October 2007 Rouse Geo-event

This was supposed to be a vacation week, but didn't really feel like it. There were a lot of questions with work and we were helping to prepare for a geocaching event. Today was the day of the event. It was nice because our work was done. We were able to spend the day caching and visiting with friends. While we were hiking our property, kachekat discovered a new salamander (northern two-line) that we didn't know we had. It's in the bottom picture.

After the sun went down we (once again) walked out to our night cache with a group of friends. It was really weird. As we were crossing the flats, we could see another group of cachers approaching from another trail. It turned out to be the Hiking Cockroach and Cockroachess from the Niagara Falls/Buffalo area. As we visited with them a third set of lights began to approach from the distance. This group was Cornplanter and a relative. We all joined up and had a fun group walk to the cache.

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