Sunday, June 23, 2013

14 April 2013 Erie County Bird Watching

We usually travel to Erie County and Sheldon Marsh a couple times each year to look for birds. Today we brought Eva and Gwen which meant we couldn't stop for a visit at Sheldon Marhs since it is a State Nature Preserve so we planned a different day. We planned to stop at Edison Woods and geocache and then visit a couple Erie Metroparks along the shoreline. I also hoped we had time to make a visit to a nature preserve near Sandusky.

We've been to Edison Woods multiple times, but never in the spring. We were completely surprised to see the variety and abundance of spring wildflowers. We enjoyed the wildflowers, found the caches, and heard lots of spring peepers before moving on. The rest of our afternoon included a flicker, an eaglet, and lots of egrets and ducks. We topped the day with an ice cream stop in Huron.

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