Friday, June 21, 2013

30 March 2013 A Milestone on the NCT

We were near 10,000 geocache finds and wanted to make our milestone one we could enjoy with the dogs. Ali found a nice stretch of caches on the North Country Trail in Clarion County so we had our plan. We stopped for a few final ones leading up to 10k before we reached the NCT. A few of them were along the Allegheny River. We were treated to dozens of ducks along the river. It was a super spring-time migration sight.

Spring was definitely in air. The NCT was picture perfect. The day was bright and sunny with some snow left alongside the trail. There was also a healthy dose of ice near the milestone cache. Ali volunteered to retrieve the container for number 10,000 with a controlled slide on the ice. We had a great time and the dogs seemed happy and a little tired at the end.

There are a few camps in view of the trail, but this old VHF/UHF antenna seemed quite odd and out of place on the NCT. I have no idea how well these work with digital signals, but it was tall.

Even stranger than the antenna was this broom propped against a tree with an NCT blue blaze. Is this the parking area for witches hiking the trail?

Gwennie looks sleepy on the trail.

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