Sunday, June 23, 2013

7 April 2013 Hunting Wildflowers and Hiding a Cache

We started our day walking our trails searching for hepatica. We usually have a number of plants and flowers in the spring. We were too early for the blooms, but we did find a number of plants.

We wanted to hide a cache to celebrate Gwen and Eva finding 1,000 geocaches. Since the dogs started goecaching as three dogs and were known as the Three-Headed Geodog, we wanted to place a cache that played on the dog theme. Rather than painting a gold ammo can as the traditional 1000th find, We camo'd an ammo can, and I added golden dog bisquits to the outside. Ali cringed at the title of the cache, but I am old enough to have found memories of the band Three Dog Night and their greatest hits, Golden Bisquit so bisquit won out over biscuit.

As we continued our walk along the Allegheny River, Ali spotted the ducks below.

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