Sunday, June 15, 2014

11 January 2014 Conneaut Lake

We started our afternoon finding a couple caches near corn fields at a game lands just east of Pymatuning. The gamelands is known to often be home to eagles so we were hoping for an early spotting. We had no luck with the eagles, but Ali spotted a new hawk (and I missed getting a picture).

Our second stop in Conneaut Lake was at the lakefront park. There was a new cache placed in the park beyond the beach area. Conneaut Lake is one of the places where we have watched ice fisherman. We've seen a parade of fisherman following the lead person while that person checks the ice. Today, the ice was being heavily used by fishermen despite the inch or so of water that stood on top of the ice. We always wonder how much trust it takes to walk on a lake with significant water or rain accumulation. Today the ice held and we found the cache so it was time to move on.

Our last stop was a State Game Lands which is only open for a few months each year. These gamelands are closed for a portion of each year to protect the nesting eagles in the area. There are also a few geocaches placed here with very little access time. This was the last weekend the area would be open so we wanted to stop on the hope that we might be able to see nesting activity and find the caches. We missed the eagles and found only one of three caches. The weather was biting cold and raining so our caching day ended here.

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