Monday, June 02, 2014

28 December 2013 Titusville and Near

Our plans for the day were to visit Titusville and take a hike at a gamelands outside town. We enjoy visits to Titusville. The local cachers play the game for fun. Their cache hides are hidden so if you are taking the walk, you will make the find. Our first stop was at the Caboose Motel in Titusville. This was a big hit among lodgers at GWS IX, but we had never stopped for a visit. This afternoon, we made the find on a cache on the caboose in front of the train station. The motel is only open from May to October, but the cabooses are on display year-round.

This 50 Ford Step Van (or bread van) would make a classy and interesting looking food truck in an urban environment. It ended it's life as a camper in Pennsylvania. We have passed this many times and knew it was in the woods, but had not realized it was in State Game Lands and could be visited. I always assumed it was on private property. Too bad this one is way past any point of return.

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