Wednesday, June 18, 2014

21 January 2014 New Look at Minneapolis Airport.

The Minneapolis Airport has a new look. The site has been updated with personal computing areas and eating booths. Each area has its own tablets with free internet access. If you want to eat a meal, you can use the tablets to order a meal which will be delivered to your own personal space. The airport hasn't grown in actual size, they've just replaced lots of airport chairs with a few comfy spaces. Somehow during busy times, actual fliers have to negotiate through the many diners and beer and wine consumers. If you are in Minneapolis when the airport isn't crowded, it is a super place to wait for Delta to figure out where your plane is. If the airport is crowded, it is a bit like pandemonium. Large planes will have lines of passengers so long they will wind through the personal booths and airport shops like a human snake. I was lucky on this quiet evening to able to enjoy my own personal space while waiting for Delta.

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