Tuesday, April 07, 2015

2 January 2015 Portage Lakes State Park

Bright, somewhat warm January days don't happen that often in Northeast Ohio. We decided to spend this one on the trails at Portage Lakes State Park. The weather and the park were more exciting today than the geocaches. Most of today's mix of caches were in places that weren't memorable. The dogs had fun and we had fun so the day was a success.

Phineas table dances while we do unplanned maintenance on a cache missing a container.

Lizzie waits patiently for us to finish signing the log.

Portage Lakes State Park has one of the nicer dog parks. It is huge with wide open spaces to run and is the only dog park I've seen where dogs have a dock they can use to jump in the lake (or their human owners can use to bring their dogs to the dog park by boat). We found the cache nearby, but passed on the dog park. Phineas is a beagle and can't be trusted to stay in the less than maximum security fences at this park while there was no way I was going to expose Lizzie to any males in the park.

Dusk at Portage Lakes

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