Friday, April 03, 2015

24 December 2014 Christmas Eve in Quail Hollow

We usually go to the Cleveland Zoo to relax and walk around on Christmas Eve. Last year, I was too sick to function. This year, we decided to pass by the zoo and spend time with our new dog Lizzie and Phineas. We normally avoid Quail Hollow State Park to avoid the massive poison ivy collection at the park. This year there was a series of caches spread throughout the park and with the leaves gone spotting poison ivy is much easier. We had a great time, but ran out of daylight on our quest for the entire series. The freakishly warm weather made for a super day on the trail.

This cemetery is now surrounded by the state park. I'm surprised no one has ever used information from the markers for a puzzle cache outside the cemetery.

Lizzie is not afraid of boardwalks :) and seems to be really interested in the containers and the gps.

There were very confused skunk cabbage plants out of dormancy along the wetter areas of the trails.

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