Tuesday, April 07, 2015

8 January 2015 Ice Bubbles - Part 1

In a week we had gone from a high of almost 50 degrees to a high in the teens. We wanted to play with ice bubbles during lunch at the office so this was the first day to try. We found out quickly, it is hard to blow bubbles and even harder to follow them in the wind. Eventually we were able to spot a few as the floated and froze. We even managed to get to a couple frozen bubbles after they landed. At 12 degrees the frozen bubbles survived for about a minute on the ground before they collapsed on their weight.

Two in flight


Nearly a minute

We'll try again to see if the bubbles last longer when they land on frozen ground than they do when they land on the parking lot surface. It was silly fun and got one day closer to winter's end.

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