Thursday, April 02, 2015

21 December 2014 Lizzie's First Day

Meet Lizzie! She's the one above who is high-stepping with Ali. Lizzie was dressed up with tags with our cell numbers and her brand-new Log-my-dog tag so it was time to show her what we do and she will be doing for hopefully a long, happy journey. We had a few caches to seek in Hinkley Reservation with a promise of trails to hike so Lizzie's geocaching trails started here today.

Someone decorated a tree along the trail.

Lizzie seems excited by the find.

Lizzie seems to be a gentle soul. She seems to bonded with us quickly. She walked the trails, crossed a couple streams, stood patiently while we hunted caches. It was a great first day. She and Phineas seem to be getting along well too.

Ready, set...


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