Saturday, April 18, 2015

24 January 2015 Plum Creek Park

We used to spend a day of one or two weekends each summer hiking Medina Parks while searching for their annual cache series. Their interest in geocaching appears to have cooled. We can usually find more interesting places to visit than we have time to visit so our visits have greatly decreased with no placements from the park system. Today, we wanted a place to visit with a (relatively) short drive and Plum Creek had a few caches. It's a good park with a small pond and wooded trails.

I sometimes wonder how Phineas and Lizzy find the energy to hike for miles. ;) I suppose it is good they know how to relax. It is even better that they are getting along well and appear to be bonding.

The park trails were snow covered, but easily managed.

Lizzie has more interest in geocache containers than any of our other dogs who have geocached. Today she was interested in the rubber spider on top of a container.

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