Saturday, March 19, 2016

2 December 2015 South Chagrin

We were hosting a December geocaching event and decided to hide a few new caches. Most years few attendees venture out for these because it is cold and our caches usually require some walking to reach. It was a treat to be hiding these caches in much better weather than northeast Ohio usually sees.

We were hiding a container with new for us camo. We had found another cache with the camo before and thought it improved the hide. The image below is not the hide location.

The tape extensions keep the cache from blowing in the wind. They also may break the camo pattern while the container is hidden. I'm not sure it is better, but it has gotten favorable comments. Can you spot the container in the image below?

Eventually, cachers will walk out and find the caches we hid. It was great to have pleasant weather to hide them.

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