Saturday, March 19, 2016

29 November 2015 Subie's Last Trip

I never really named cars before geocaching. Since trackable window decals became available, our vehicles have all had names. The Mazda 3 is Threeble. The newer Forester is Ariel. Subie was our first Forester. She came home 11 1/2 years ago. She has served us well and faithfully, but with 205,000 miles on her and a new company vehicle, Zeffi, replacing Ariel, it is time for her road days to end. Departing from our cars is always a sad event. They all have taken part in wonderful memories and great visits to new and favorite places. Five of our dogs have ridden with us in Subie for happy hiking trips in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Subie is going to a good home with a co-worker. He is excited at the thought of bringing a vehicle to possibly 300K and happy for the extra two wheels of drive for northeast Ohio. It was strange bringing Subie home alone for the last time, but Ali was headed home with Ariel to see her family. Ride long Subie. Thanks for the faithful service and amazing memories.

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