Wednesday, March 02, 2016

7 November 2015 Wildcat Park

I had been hearing a rooster near the house for a few weeks. This morning it paid a visit to our patio. A free-range rooster in this area is also known as dinner for a coyote. I think it's a rhode island red.

We enjoyed a chilly, but fun afternoon at Wildcat Park in Ludlow. We've been to Wildcat before, but today we walked in by a trail since the park gates were closed. At the start the trail appears to be a walk in a park. The trail soon crosses a bridge over a stream and becomes a very pleasant walk in the woods.

We spotted a porcupine along the trail. We were happy to see it before the dogs were too close. We were happier to see it move quickly away and up a tree in the woods.

We missed a few finds on our walk, but had a great time on the trail.

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