Saturday, March 26, 2016

23 December 2015 Hudson Parks Series

We had just about completed the Hudson Parks annual series on the prior weekend when I started feeling ill. Since it was getting late and I had some time off available, we agreed to head out today for a relaxing afternoon to finish the series. We started on a bike/hike trail which runs alongside the highway. We usually see a few Christmas trees decorated along trails each season. This section of the trail has homes on the side opposite the highway. It looked like one of the locals added a little holiday color to the tree nearest the cache.

Other than an intense grey day, it looked more like watercraft season than winter and Christmas time.

We were hoping for ducks...

When we arrived at the park, a girl was playing with her puppy teaching it to slide down the slide. On the way back to parking, the palyground was empty so I decided to give the slide a try with Lizzie. She went down not once but twice!

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