Wednesday, March 09, 2016

21 November 2015 Hatch Run

Hatch Run is a great place to walk and an easy drive for us. Trails at the area wind through old farm fields, past small ponds, and through woods. Nearly 140 geocaches within and near the grounds also add to the hiking fun.

One of the many streams on the property feeding Hatch Run

Are those puffballs?

Yes they are...

The trail has a number of micros, but there are smalls and ammo cans to satisfy cachers like us who don't like to look for micros.

Today's journey included a walk through an area which has been logged in recent times.

We didn't spot any hunters, but Phineas and Lizzie were prepared with their safety orange. As always, Phin celebrated the journey with much baying.

Skinny trees

And old trees

Fall's low sun and the colors of the changing leaves make for a much different late afternoon view.

Last cache

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