Saturday, April 15, 2017

11 October 2016 Walking for Work

I have worn a pedometer and averaged 10,000 steps a day for over ten years. Like last year, it won't happen this year. Between increased visits to Mexico, more flying for work and, most importantly, a new office at double the commuting time, I've gone from a steady walker to a binge walker. It seemed ironic I was participating in a work wellness program that required me to do what is increasingly more difficult to do because of work. This evening I made a stop at a local park on my way home. For as long as we have lived in our home, the park has seemed to exist for the insatiable desire of parents to watch their children play soccer. If there are no leagues, the fields are empty as is the majority of the park. Lost to most of the visitors is a quiet, scenic trail that winds around the outside of the park. I enjoyed a solitary walk this evening with the exception of a brief visit by a very wet lab who was clearly enjoying time in the stream.

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