Thursday, April 27, 2017

21 October 2016 Northwest to Home

I planned to visit a few caches on my journey home. The first stop was a cache along Sherman's Creek, The hide location wasn't far from the Dellville Covered Bridge which was burned in 2014 by an arsonist. The area seems to be perfect for a covered bridge. I hope the plan to rebuild succeeds.

My second stop was near Philipsburg and along water called Cold Stream. I really liked this park. It seemed ironic when I mentioned this park to Ali. She looked at a map and realized that she had also found a cache in the same park along Cold Stream on a trip when she was traveling alone. These separate visits happen occasionally with all my travel. Despite visiting them alone and at different times, they become closer to a shared journey.

A walk through rhododendrons is a stress reliever.

Different people see their geocaching adventures in different ways. My last stop on the way home was a visit to a cemetery in Clearfield County. The cache page focused on the unmarked graves of native Americans sprinkled through the cemetery. With muddy roads through the cemetery, I had parked near the entrance and walked to the back of the cemetery for the cache find. I took a different path back and happened to notice the markers for the Robinson family. The markers told a sad tale of two parents who said goodbye to very young children.

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