Friday, April 14, 2017

9 October 2016 Mammoth Cave and Other Kentucky Adventures

Guthrie Kentucky loves their cows to wear pink glasses, their hay to be decorated and posting bad patriotic puns. ;)

We made a stop in Russellville for a couple virtual caches. We missed the Tobacco Heritage Festival by a day. Too bad, it would have been an interesting view of a different way of life. We were at least able to see the winners and losers in the tobacco contest. Much like judging hay at ag fairs near our home, I was clueless to why one leaf was better than another.

Our stop of the day and the trip was a visit to Mammouth Cave. Once we were in the park we made a brief detour to Sloan's Pond before heading to the cave tour.

It was my first visit and Ali's first since her youth. The sheer size is amazing. I was happy we were able to make a visit.

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