Saturday, April 29, 2017

22 October 2016 Finger Lakes Trail

All roads except two in Allegany State Park close during the winter so we were enjoying the fall colors and using the open roads to access the trails. We spent part of our day on the North Country Trail or the Finger Lakes Trail as it is known in New York.

We eventually made our way to a cache near an old ski jump in the park. Phineas looked like he was measuring up the distance. In general, Phineas' main form of travel when he's off leash is running away and making me chase him for miles so maybe he's just contemplating how quickly he could run down that hill. As for the old ski jumps, I'm surprised anyone survived the jumps with older equipment, and I can't imagine getting hurt in a ski jump fall with the medical capabilities of fifty years ago. The jumpers were truly daredevils.

We finished our day with a couple "night" cache finds. We often look for these in the daytime with mixed success at finding. With the lower fall light and the quick fade into darkness, we were able to find both with a small bit of light left at the end of the journey. I was happy we reached the scenic stream before light fell. It was much better looking during the day and easier to cross. Liz was actually granting photo opportunity today.

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