Monday, April 03, 2017

7 October 2016 Hello Arkansas

I had never been to Arkansas so this was a new experience. A colleague once stated if he were to move south it would be to Arkansas. My first impression made me wonder if that long ago comment was made in jest. The roadside welcome center included a first for me with overnight camping behind the center. The staff in the welcome center was super friendly so that was a big plus.

We added another state with benchmark finds in the small town of Siloam Springs.

My doubts of visiting Arkansas continued until we stopped at Hobbs State Park. I took few images and nothing memorable while trying to protect the camera from the ever-present dampness and rain, but I enjoyed our walk in the park. I would return to the state to explore more of the state parks.

For the most part of the day, I was mostly miserable. I wasn't careful on Monday, and we ate at a "Mexican" restaurant which was more bar than restaurant. We were late to dine and they didn't seem to care about food. It's a bad combination for me. By Friday, I was miserable from four days of food poisoning and exhausted. I'm sure I was lousy company on a long drive to reach our destination. We made a tourist stop at the War Eagle Mill in Rogers. It was relief for me to be able to stretch my aching body and the old mill was an interesting place to visit. We moved on from the mill and made a quiet find at a hidden cemetery.

Arkansas' oldest geocache will not go down as a favorite. The cache is hidden in the grassy area of a commercial parking lot. Sometimes old caches are just old.

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