Sunday, April 16, 2017

15 October 2016 Baldwin Flats

There is an area of SGL162 called Baldwin Flats. The flats portion is a flood plain for French Creek. It's roots trace back to the 1830's when there was a schoolhouse in this location. The area also hosted a church and for a time offered an iron bridge as one the the two closest means to cross French Creek. The road through Baldwin Flats used to link the boroughs of Wattsburg and Waterford, but has been closed for a long time. It's home to some nice views of French Creek and some caches.

The trees were a mix of mostly bare to bright colors.

As usual, Lizzie found a spot for a rest while we signed a log and replaced the cache. She really likes the chicken leg position.

The old road is crumbling and overgrown, but clearly still visible.

A couple views of French Creek...

The area still had a few late season New England Aster in bloom although most goldenrod had disappeared.

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