Monday, August 07, 2017

22 January 2017 15000 Geocaches

We started the weekend with plans to find our 15,000th geocache at the end of a long day of hiking. It didn't happen as planned. Since we were planning to find number 15,000 in Pennsylvania with the dogs and we weren't going to be back soon,we stopped at a familiar nearby game lands for a spirited hike to the milestone before heading back to Ohio. The gamelands has quiet streams, uphill climbs and big rocks so it was a good place for us to celebrate.

As rocks go at this gamelands, this is is on the smaller side.

We usually try for a "family" image at 1,000 find milestones. It often involves me finding a place to prop the camera and set the timer. The mad dash to the image site is then followed by an attempt to get disinterested dogs to pose while the timer counts down. It almost never works. Today we gave in and only Ali was in the image. It was better than some milestone images as the are both (almost looking at the camera and neither has turned away to give a butt shot.

We often stop by this pond when visiting this gamelands. It seems like the perfect place to attract ducks. I always hope we are lucky and spot a duck or two. We haven't been lucky yet. Today, the pond was covered with ice so maybe there will be ducks at a later visit.

We ended our day with a couple of finds on the rail trail along Clear Lake by Spartansburg. It was a pleasant end to the day.

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