Tuesday, August 08, 2017

4 February 2017 We're (Not Quite) Snowbirds

Oh no, we're vacationing in Florida in the winter! What's next, AARP and Consumer Cellular?

Actually, I had lost a week's vacation the year prior and was soon to lose another week. We narrowed our choices down to three destinations, Arizona (just there in November), Louisiana/Mississippi (sooner or later we need to visit these two), or Florida. We both enjoyed the previous visit to Florida. There were plenty of unfound hiking caches. We were hoping to see manatees. They seemed like great reasons. Oh, it was also warm.

Our journey for the day was Fort Meyers to Sarasota with some caching along the way. Neither of us planned on this overactive fuel consumer, but it was the best of a very short list of options. We eventually gave the beast its due later in the week on some dirt roads.

We grabbed the rental and immediately headed to a state park (Oscar Sherer State Park) to start enjoying the sites.

Oh, the adventures ahead...

I am not paranoid. We were being watched.

Recent Burn Area

I'm not sure what the fish is below the surface, but it looks big.

If you only spot one shore bird on the first afternoon in Florida, a photo friendly little blue is a perfect choice.

I missed the fourth reason, bird watching!

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