Saturday, August 12, 2017

5 February 2017 Myakka River State Park

We were barely parked near the trailhead and out of the georental when the shore sightings started at the park. It was a memorable site before we left the parking area.

Success! A number of fish were meals today for the birds on the water.

We really did hike for a bit between watching the water.


We also found some nicely hidden geocaches along the way.

Sychronised fishing

Ou first lizard for the trip

They grow them big along the Myakka.

A long view of the Myakka

All the birds were successful fishing today.

Another cache found

and Another Lizard

We slowly made our way through the park sampling caches and the views.

There were so many beautiful birds here.

Well, maybe not all of them

This was the first boar cage we have seen in the woods.

Ammo cans get rusty in these marshes.

Our last big birding spot of the day was a viewing platform. We were happy to spot some birds we had yet to see on this day.

We were happier for a surprise

or two.

It was interesting to see other people at the platform who were so busy taking selfies they completely missed the one take off from shore and fly over the platform while gaining altitude. We left a lot of unfound caches at the state park for another visit...

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