Sunday, July 29, 2012

20 May 2012 Finding Orchids

Gwne has been down with a partial tear of her ACL. So far, we've avoided surgery, and her treatments appear to be helping. For the most part her walks have been quiet and short. The early morning was a great time to get her and Eva out on our short trail to let Gwen walk a little longer while not taking a chance of stressing her on a tough trail. We made this trail years ago for Murray and Becky. It's always been a nice path for us to spot wildflowers, but we had never spotted orchid leaves before today. The two round leaves we spotted won't bloom this year, but they are in a great position. Hopefully, we'll get to see a spike in future years.

The maple leaf viburnum never grows tall on our property, but this one was getting ready to blossom.

In the afternoon we took a walk along the Allegheny River in the ANF to retire some of our older caches and place new ones. The river was pleasant, but most of the spring wildflowers had surrendered to the early heat.

I was on my way to Sanborn on Monday and Ali needed to return with the dogs to Ohio for work on Monday. Our wireless works perfectly on the patio, and I had some work for the office so I enjoyed a quiet evening with dinner and working outdoors.

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