Sunday, July 29, 2012

19 May 2012 ASP Geobash

We missed the 2011 Allegany State Park gathering so we were really happy the schedules worked and we could be here. It seems the best we can do is about alternating years. ASP is our favorite Mega Event (for me the only one I like) so it was great to be here.

The crowd seemed to be down a bit this year. GeoWoodstock was only a few weeks away in southern Indiana and probably diverted some attendees. We were really happy to be able to say hi to a number of friends some of whom we hadn't seen since GeoWoodstock in Warren last July.

After visiting with friends for a couple hours, we headed off with our friend Chris to spend the rest of the afternoon caching. It was a great afternoon and a super event.

Chris and Ali work with another cacher to solve a puzzle cache.

Yes, we were going to climb the fire tower. I am unable to resist any fire towers which are available for climbing.

There are some old structures at Allegany State Park. This afternoon we spent time near the scary looking old ski jump and this old building. I don't know its original purpose, but it is quite popular to climb and offers a nice view.
When we were at the event site, there was a new cache posted which had been published that morning. Since we are reviewers, Ali and I try to avoid FTF's and give plenty of time for others to seek a new cache and be first to find. We waited until late afternoon before setting off on a trail at a remote section of the park to hunt the cache. We had a great time along the trail and were really surprised to see none of the other event attendees had made the hike back for the cache. we had fun on the trail

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