Sunday, July 15, 2012

7 May 2012 You Can't Pick the Weather...

We had planned a short one-day vacation on our return back from Williamsport. We were hoping to add a few more Legacy of Conservation caches. The trail ends next year and the hides are in locations detailing the history of conservation in Pennsylvania. This is a geotrail made for us so we are hoping to complete it.

My hopes for a bright, sunny spring day never happened. You can't pick the weather, but you can still visit super locations. I had hoped for a longer visit to Pine Creek and a trip to Wellsboro, but the caches were in great locations, and there's always time for another visit to Wellsboro.

This little bit of board is a parasail launch. Parasailers start at the top of a small hill, race down the hill, and jump off this board. The ride is probably amazing, but I can envision myself slipping on the boards or tripping on a board and flying off the end. I'll never be a daredevil.

We spotted our first loon a couple weeks before, but who would have guessed we would follow-up with no less than seven loons a-swimmin.

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