Monday, July 02, 2012

26 April 2012 Sunny Lake Park

We've been geocaching for almost eight years. Besides finding a lot of caches, we meet a number of challenge cache requirements with all those finds. We are a little different than many cachers in that we don't tend to find a lot of caches in any single day. Instead, we have filled the calendar with days of fewer finds. We recently found the cache which gave us ten finds for each calendar day of the year. Being number geeks who had met a goal, we had to move on to the next goal. We decided to try for twelve finds on each calendar day. One thing about these goals is you don't get to pick which days you go to the park. Tonight was one of those evenings where I would not have gone for a walk if it weren't for the goal. The world was grey, wet, and muddy. Only a small patch of ragwort along the trail by the lake gave color to my evening's walk. By the end of the walk we had twelve finds for the calendar day, and I had 10,000 steps which are both good things.

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