Sunday, November 18, 2012

14 August 2012 Another Warm Evening in Spokane

I started my evening at a park along the Spokane River. The pictures show quiet places, but the river was a gathering point for many locals this evening. I stopped for a cache along the trail and completed a rare (for me) earthcache about the geology of the river.

After my walk along the river, I moved on a nearby county park for a hike in the woods. The park was also home to a local scout camp. I had brought a scout-themed travel bug west from Ohio with a goal to visit scout camps. The area was host to the World Jamboree in 1967. This camp was the home of a large totem that had been carved by the local scout troup in 1967 to mark the Jamboree. I thought it was a lucky find while carrying a travel bug that wanted to visit scout camps. I dropped the travle bug in the nearby cache placed by the scouts and headed off for a hike along the trail. I spotted a new flower on my walk. The desert trumpet was within a few feet of one of the local Ranger Rick caches.

I closed out my evening with a short walk to a cache at another small park along the Spokane River at dusk. After that I was off to the mongolian barbeque for dinner. It's a little strange when the staff of a restaurant over 2000 miles from home recognizes and greets you as a regular. The food was good and my fortune cookie said a lot this evening.

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