Tuesday, November 20, 2012

15 August 2012 Not Mount Spokane Part 1

It's less than twenty miles as the crow flies from my Spokane office to Mount Spokane. After multiple years of traveling here, I was going to have a window where I had time to drive to Mount Spokane and get two to three hours in caching and hiking the trails. I was psyched. Between the small item of "as the crow flies", mountain roads, and my useless sense of direction, I had managed to consume a fair bit of my cushion. About three or four miles from the state park entrance, I should have realized something was amiss with the caches loaded in my gps since there were none. Never fear, I'll just use my Iphone. Oops, there's no coverage at the mountain. Faced with a stiff admission charge for a couple hours hiking and no caches, I pushed aside my plans for Mount Spokane. I stopped for a couple of caches in a dfferent landscape on the way back to the hotel.

It wasn't exactly Mount Spokane. On a plus note, I rented a Chevy Sonic. I think it's the successor to the Chevy Aveo which I had been refusing at rental counters after a few scary incidents with them on the road. The Sonic was the complete opposite. It was well behaved and well equipped. I usually don't come away from rentals with a good feeling for a model, but this rental was actually fun.

I really liked the spot on the dash that was a perfect fit for holding my gps.

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