Saturday, November 10, 2012

31 July 2012 Lonely Cache

I've cached in Cortland enough to know it is one of the places to go for lonely caches. There's a high percentage of caches in the area that rarely get visited with 6-12 months between a visit common. It rained a lot this afternoon so I stayed behind at the office to solve Photo Tour of Cortland. When the rain became lighter I headed off for the find. I found the cache in great shape and no signatures on the log for over thirteen months!

I also spotted one of these near the cache location. Maybe these things are still common, but it was the first I had seen in years. I had assumed they were long ago made redundant by land lines and cell phones. This one still looks active. I remember being a youth and often taught in school how to use these (and how not to make prank false calls). They seem like a throw-back nearly as big as fall-out shelter signs.

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